What is The AMIS Journey?

The AMIS* Journey, provided exclusively by MCP Consulting Group Ltd., has been used for over 30 years to help organisations measure their asset maintenance performance on a consistent basis.

Using industry knowledge and the extensive AMIS database, MCP is able to benchmark an organisation’s performance. The output generates Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and benchmarks that are used as the basis for an improvement programme and the start of The AMIS Journey and focus on the key areas:

  • Equipment Reliability
  • Equipment Performance and Availability
  • Business Processes
  • Organisation Structure and Development
  • Data, Document Management and Information Systems
  • Work Planning and Scheduling
  • Spare Parts and Inventory
  • Training and Skills Development

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*Asset Maintenance Improvement System (AMIS)

Trusted by many…

Identifying weaknesses in an organisation and used regularly AMIS helps to focus on the actions needed to make improvements in operations’ performance.

Four reasons to embark on The AMIS Journey

The AMIS Journey focuses on improving asset maintenance effectiveness, methods and systems. The AMIS Assessment is designed to benchmark an organisation’s performance, identify the gaps against best practice and create the scope for improvement.

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Improved asset performance and output


Reduced maintenance costs


Improved labour productivity


Reduced capital expenditure

The AMIS Journey to World-Class Performance

The AMIS Journey develops a bespoke solution to meet an organisation’s exact needs. The best-performing sites are World-Class because they focus on the areas that make the biggest impact:

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The approach

The approach is tailored, and the flexible framework adapts, evolves and responds to meet your needs. It is the streamlined outcome of three decades of on-project experience for hundreds of clients.


1. Assessment

Breakdown the barriers to improvement

In-depth review of all key areas of current site operations. Scope for improvement to identify opportunities to reduce cost and improve efficiency.

3. Implementation

Drive sustainable business change

Provide support, resources and training to implement the agreed plan. Ensure site teams are supported to achieve the business goals.

2. Planning & Engagement

Build stronger business communities

Implementation planning, define actions, resources and benefits with site team. Build a robust framework for the adoption of new processes and systems.

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The AMIS journey has been used for 30 years to help organisations understand their asset maintenance performance on a consistent basis.
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